teri-headshot2You’ve arrived at my personal website, formerly the Murrison for Ada County Commissioner campaign website – I ran in the 2016 Primary.

Thanks to those who supported my run. I greatly appreciate your support. I look forward to working together in another capacity one day.

If you’re wondering for whom you might vote in November’s general election, I encourage you to check out the website of conservative Republican Rick Visser for Ada County Commissioner in District 2.

Below is the message I sent to supporters on May 18th.

Faith says differently

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Then Moses said to Him, “If Your presence does not go with us, do not lead us up from here. Ex. 33:15

In the news this morning, I heard Trump say that if he loses, it will have been a total waste of time for him to run for President. How sad to believe that one’s efforts count only if you win.

Faith says differently.

I’m competitive. I wanted to win. I have experience, motivation, and some great support. None of that was enough. This morning I’m congratulating my Republican opponent Rick Visser.

Does that mean He stepped away from my side? Hardly.

Rick received almost 2,000 more votes than did I. He won, I lost. Yes, I’m disappointed, but faith tells me that it is as it was meant to be.

Last November – in the midst of fruitlessly trying to arouse endorsements and financial support – I stopped meetings and campaigning. I prayed for three days, if You aren’t with me in this, Lord, I’m not doing it. I need to know that You are with me before I go a step further. I reminded Him that if Moses could pray that way and get an answer, so could I.

Exodus 33:15 was the theme for the sermon at church three days later. In it, Moses dreads going forward into the desert without God’s presence, and actually refuses to budge if he has to go alone. The pastor used Exodus 33:15 and personal anecdotes to point out that even when we can’t feel Him, His presence goes with us.

My marching orders were to run, but He stopped short of telling me I would win. I knew that, but no matter. I was to trust that He would be with me and go forward.

Six months later, I wish I had won, but I didn’t. Faith now tells me to trust, that there is a reason and there is still a Plan for me. My loss was no surprise to Him. He’s with me.

So while I – we – were not expecting it and it didn’t turn out the way we hoped, my efforts were not wasted. Yours on my behalf were not.

There were a number of political surprises and upsets last night. I know that behind every loss is deep disappointment. So this message is for me, but also for others who were hoping for and expecting a different outcome.

If you can trust Him, then know that your Plan B is His Plan A.

It was not wasted. Faith says differently.