My last “” post: the page turner

“Well hello there. My, it’s been a long, long time. And how’m I doin’? Oh, I guess that I am doing fine. Well it’s been so long now, but it seems now, it was only yesterday. Gee, ain’t it funny how time just slips away?”

Funny How Time Slips Away, Willie Nelson

It’s  hard to believe I’ve been blogging for you since I began my run for Tuolumne County District 3 Supervisor in 2006. Where does the time go?

Toward the end of my term on the Board in 2010, I realized I needed to be where I could impact decisions in state and federal government. It took me awhile to find my place, but almost a year ago I joined a state agency charged with balancing the needs of the environment and people: the Idaho Soil and Water Conservation Commission.

In California, I won some, lost some, and spent countless hours looking out for your interests. I was one of five county decision makers constrained at times by simple arithmetic (majority votes on the Board) and serious budgetary conditions. It was a labor of love, but my passion was then and is now to balance natural resource protection with the interests of rural communities and our traditional Western way of life.

Here I work with farmers, ranchers, and other environmentalists, ensuring the beauty and health of Idaho’s natural resources are balanced with the responsibility of producing food and fiber for the nation. It’s as meaningful and fulfilling as my “job” in Tuolumne County. Perfect!

So, I’ve kept my site intermittently active, blogging now and then, but it’s not relevant anymore. I’m no longer an elected official with constituents to protect and inform. It’s time to turn the page.

If you want to stay in touch, sign up at my new blog (, follow me on Twitter at “TeriMurrison”, friend me on Facebook, connect with me on LinkedIn, or do all of the above.  

After all, I’m turning a page, not burning the book.  

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